Random Facts

One of those get to know me better questionnaires is circulating on Facebook and I have been reluctant to answer. But here are a few things my readers may be interested in knowing about me.

1) sometimes I am so lazy and yet so thirsty for a glass of wine I go to my selection of inexpensive wine and pick one with a screw top. Why should I bother with the rabbit when with a simple twist of the wrist I can open the bottle.

2) Sometimes, I get nervous around cute dads. We could be at the park or Gymboree and I get a little anxious when we start talking. I feel like I am back at middle school (or college, hey it was a women’s school) wondering if he is flirting with me even if I am covered in spit up or maybe I am just channelling some of the drama in Mike Perrota’s Little Children.

3) Sesame Street is one heck of a babysitter. Because I don’t have the patience or time to calm my daughter down from a tantrum, I let her hand me the remote and I watch her faced transfixed. And if you have not watched Sesame Street in some time, it is highly entertaining. Funnier than SNL.

4) When people compliment on having my figure back (at a mere 6 weeks after delivering I am four pounds heavier than my first doctor’s appointment! whoo hoo!) I joke that I adopted. Then I tell people that the stress /depression diet is effective and miserable.

5) My hygiene is not where it should be. I usually wait for my hair to channel that greasy 90s grunge look before I wash it and some nights I let gargling with Listerine substitute for brushing my teeth.

6) I started Zoloft today. a very low dose. Felt speedy than passed out in the afternoon when the kids were napping.

There’s more, but if you are still reading, I don’t want to bore you anymore.


One Response to Random Facts

  1. Cas says:

    That wasn’t boring at all…. I enjoyed it.

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