The Dieta

In lots of cultures new mothers are encouraged to rest for up to 40 days after giving birth, staying in bed, avoiding stairs and resting. Unfortunately, I am finding this information as my son approaches 40 days of life.

Given everything…mourning the loss of my mom, managing her estate and business, caring for two children, running my small business, etc, I have yet to begin my dieta (as they say in Spanish)

Fortunately I do not look like I just had a baby. While I do not recommend the stress/mourning/depression diet it is highly effective. Nonetheless, the empathy one receives post partum eludes me. My husband is counting down the days until my six week abstinence is over and once again our sexual appetites are out of sync.

As my mom would say, careful what you wish for, it might come true.


One Response to The Dieta

  1. muchospecesenelmar says:

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