What to Bare

Because of an excruciating pain in my left buttocks I splurged on a massage. Left alone in the small room, I wondered what clothing to keep on and what to remove. Since I did indeed have pain in my butt and I expected the masseuse to massage there, shouldn’t I remove anything that interfered?

So there I stood, pain shooting down my leg debating whether to take off a ratty pair of underwear I should have recycled ages ago. What do men do? Do boxers or briefs influence their decisions? I opted to drop my draws. It’s Manhattan and I am sure that the masseuse has seen everything, including men who try to seduce her.

About two minutes after making the decision, I regretted it. She was rubbing my tush and I felt air in the center and moments when her hand became uncomfortably close. I’m a new mom who, lately, rarely showers before my scalp starts tingling with grease and that crippling pain shooting down my leg making me limp was far from sexy. Remember that Sex and the City episode when Samantha was disappointed after all of that locker room talk that her masseuse did not hit on her? Well, I was not looking for any hanky panky just relief nor did I have delusions of attraction. I imagine she was completely naked for her experience.

After the massage my body did not feel much better but I answered my question of how much I should bare. As much as I am comfortable, which today is not everything.


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