New Fashions

My husband and I walked around with matching puke stains on our shirt yesterday. A thought I should remember when I am tempted to buy a new shirt.
* Everything is on sale and all of the sales girls tell me how great I look for having a 12 day old baby at home, but I digress.

I will confess that it took me a few hours to acclimate myself to the fact that I had a son and not another daughter, but we’re in love now so it’s okay. But I still struggle with his private area, perhaps in the same way that my husband was initially hesitant in caring for our daughter. I just don’t know boys’ anatomy as well, which is perhaps how I ended up with two kids in the first place.

Yesterday when I was changing my son, he peed directly in my face. I was so shocked, I did not think fast enough to cover his penis with the diaper. Fortunately, he’s so young and his bladder is so small, so there is time for me to learn.

When some poop leaked out of his diaper later and onto my hand I couldn’t help but laugh. With the trend of having babies, feces must be the new black.


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