The Waiting Game

I don’t do well waiting, especially when it is for an indefinite period. I love surprises but I desperately want someone to tell me something beforehand.

Because my husband did not want to know the sex of our first child, we didn’t. The weeks leading up to her delivery were excruciating and I wanted to add something besides white and yellow to my new child’s wardrobe.

This pregnancy I was okay not knowing the gender, as it really does not matter, but I am still curious what items I should save or bring out for the newbie and which ones to pass along. Even more frustrating than waiting to learn the sex of the baby is contemplating when D-Day will be.

There have been signs indicating that it could be sooner than later. Signs that I am reluctant to share because I do not know people’s gross out gauge. (skip ahead if you have a low tolerance.)

As of four days ago, I am 3 centimeters dilated and last night my mucus plug broke leading my husband to nearly gag, no bucket necessary unlike in the delivery room. But now I must wait, and wait and wait.

I imagine I’m as ready as I’ll ever be and I really hope to have a spontaneous labor, none of this planned inducement like last time. But as I’m confirming on a regular basis, man plans and G-d laughs.


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