When I started this blog, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to accomplish or with whom I wanted to share it. I kept it anonymous, in the sense that I only told less than a handful of people the address so I could be more honest and perhaps serve as a catharsis.

I wanted to feel sexy and desired and maintain an identity distinct from my daughter. Posts about my body and masturbating tended to draw the most readers so I continued with them.

As I joined a new blog site and another yahoo group. I see all of these moms with blogs, most of whom would be comfortable telling their mother in law about the site. I’m just not there yet. But, when I see them do giveaways or review products or generate money from advertising, that jealous competitive nature in me emerges.

I wrote to one manufacturer who held a conference for us NYC Mom Bloggers who offered to donate toys for review or online sweepstakes/giveaways (I couldn’t attend the conference) and realized that the company may not want to be affiliated with a site called Milf Alert and an author who discusses vibrators and secret crushes. I guess its a small trade off.

i suppose if I really really cared, I could start another blog but enough is enough. One of the more important lessons that I am learning as a mom is that I cannot, nor do I have to, do it all.
(I even yelled this at my dishwasher repairman when he insisted I lock up my dog while I was feeding my daughter and talking to my sister internationally.)

Off to my shrink to discuss more.


7 Responses to Stigmas

  1. Mrs Pop says:

    The only family member who officially knows about my blog is my husband. I don’t write much about my parents or the rest of my family, but I’m not ready for them to read it, either.

    And I do get a bit envious of the blogs that generate money for the writers, but that wasn’t why I started mine and is not where mine will go for the foreseable future. I’m not ready to be out there like that, either.

  2. 1hpb says:

    Does he read the blog? I mentioned mine to my husband but he never asked for the address.

  3. rmccann99 says:

    One wonders, how much money can you generate? Also, does the therapy help?

  4. Mrs Pop says:

    Yes, my husband reads my blog… And makes oh so helpful suggestions and corrections. [massive eye-rolling]

  5. Mrs Pop says:

    Yes, my husband reads my blog… And makes oh so helpful suggestions and corrections. [massive eye-rolling]

  6. Dariela says:

    Yes, we can’t do everything that everybody else does and I think we do have to remember to do what really works for us. Also, we should always try and venture out of comfort zone, why not? Maybe you can review other type of products ( not referring to vibrators an such) but, books for moms that really speak to the “woman” in us and not the mom, movies, other cosmetics, I don’t know but I feel there is so much around that it doesn’t have to be only kid stuff! Good luck, I love to read you!

  7. 1hpb says:

    thank you! I’m on board for reviewing stuff in exchange for swag. any thoughts on how to get started?

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