Gift Guide

Tis the season to be giving. With the recession in full swing, I suppose I should curb my spending, but like my inner child, I love presents and surprises, although I will do just about anything to find out the details of a surprise before the big moment. I also love giving great gifts that the recipient enjoys opening and using.

My husband asked if we were exchanging presents this year. Given that we had to buy a new appliance and are in the market for a new video camera (any suggestions anyone??) and I am going out of town on a girls trip over Thanksgiving, he pretty much nixed the idea.

However, I’m desperate to buy him a Pucci tie. I saw one recently and thought it was so incredibly handsome. Although, I know my husband is impossibly, shall we saw selective, about clothes and ties, I’m reluctant to buy him one that he will never wear. I’ve tried to ask him if he would like one, but he is anti-presents and doesn’t want me to spend “our” money. I suppose I could buy one at a store with a liberal return policy…but that probably means paying retail.

I wanted to send my sister’s children gifts for the holidays but given that 1) I had to ask my dad to bring them to her in South America and he did not want to bring anything bulky and 2) he was leaving in one week, I was limited. So I ended up buying them cute clothes that I hope they’ll appreciate. Hope it arrives at my dad’s before he leaves on Monday.

Whenever a friend has a baby, I’m so eager to find a great gift that I end up wasting more time than I care to admit researching presents and trying to avoid shipping charges. FYI – when shopping, I’m partial to good shop, which donates a portion of your purchase to a charity of your choice. now you don’t have to feel guilty about spending so much.

Now, I have the pleasure of picking out a few gifts for my little Pookie for the holidays. She really could have used a new winter coat and a snowsuit but I don’t think we can hold off until December to buy one.

A fellow blogger made a list of gifts for the family that you can find here. I’d like to add a button so I’m eligible to win some of the goodies, but I’m not that technically savvy.


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