Haute Mom Fashion

While I may not have enough fashion talent to land a spot on Project Runway, or enough sophistication to appreciate some of the contestants’ creations, I still enjoy the show. I’ll thumb through Lucky magazine, admiring new styles and how to pair them with the latest accessories but I probably won’t do it myself. Walking down the streets of my trendy neighborhood, I’ll note a well-dressed woman going to a hip bar or even to work in the morning (often times, designer shoes held in hand while sneakers pound the pavement).

Just because I don’t get dressed up everyday and consider yoga pants are an acceptable pair of bottoms during the weekday does not mean that I don’t appreciate fashion, nor does it translate to a dislike of shopping. I love shopping: the coming home with new items part, not the paying retail price. As my belly grows for the next two months, I try to control my purchasing prowess. Almost anything I buy will only serve me for up to the next twelve weeks, generously. After I have the baby, I’m certainly not going to want to continue wearing my maternity clothing, no matter how chic it may or may not be. But I miss adding new pieces to my closet, even comfortable ones, that I get excited to wear.

Which comes to the next point: as much as I love fashion and the latest trends, I have to ask myself what is the point? I’ll embrace comfortable trends, long sleeve t-shirts with exotic designs, but tailored shirts, structured jackets, even high waisted pants do not have a place in my wardrobe. Too many days, my interactions with people are limited to oblivious store clerks, equally disheveled parents, and homeless men begging for money. Should I risk tearing a new shirt or staining my pants for one of them?

Probably not. I suppose I should dress up for myself, which I do to an extent. It just won’t be with an expensive garment.

Long live E*bay.


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