I’m right here

Unlike my last pregnancy, my hormones have not made me horny, so my husband’s lack of sexual interest hasn’t bothered in me. In fact, it’s so welcomed that I had opted to stage my own personal experiment to see when he *would* initiate.

I was not counting the days as I really did not care that much but I was curious when…Perhaps my husband was distracted with the marathon, but he did let time slide. Was it before my brother’s wedding when he claimed he had a penis injury, something about chafing? That was in beginning of the month, but I am not terribly sure.

Bottom line, we did it this weekend when Pookie was napping. Afterwards, he said he missed he missed me. I was right here. I was right there. I was falling asleep next to him every night and waking up beside him each morning. All he had to do was make a move. I told him I am always beside him.

hmm. anyone? any thoughts? perspectives?


3 Responses to I’m right here

  1. rmccann99 says:

    Speaking from personal experience, once rejected, always reluctant. It is a catch-22 and damn silly I suppose. My ex-wife was very fickle, when horny she would give signals that she was willing. For example she would wear a top that I bought her from Victoria Secret. I was just not that attuned to her signals, in my mind they were inconsistent. Bottom line for me is, you need to initiate.

  2. Dariela says:

    I’m with you. My husband is very similar, I feel that he doesn’t want to have sex most of the times. When I’m not horny, I don’t mind it at all but when I am I hate it. I do initiate but I don’t want to do this all the time. We do like to feel that they want us too. I don’t know what the solution is but I understand you. It’s good that this pregnancy you’re not horny!!

  3. Tim says:

    The “once rejected, always reluctant” is a great quote. My wife’s desires are inconsistent and hard to read. Personally, I love it when she shows interest, because it discards any notion that i am forcing myself on her when she doesn’t want it (an idea that I abhor). I hate being the one to have to initiate all the time, and feel much more loved when she does so some of the time.

    But wow was she ever libidinous during pregnancy with our third child – I was in heaven!

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