Working out while Pregnant

My last pregnancy I worked out as much as I wanted, not much.

My first trimester of being pregnant, I experienced about of fatigue I never knew existed and my empathy for Epstein-Barr patients skyrocketed. When I was motivated to go to the gym during my second trimester, the 15 minute walk wore me out (never mind the return walk). The third trimester was in the summer and I was out of the city with my membership at a pricey gym suspended. But I live in Manhattan so I did walk a lot, I just did not go out and seek exercise.

While limiting my exercising, I expanded my diet. Foods that were once off limits or restricted to a few bites like cheesecake found their way into my life again. It was delightful. I could eat as many warm chocolate chip cookies as I wanted and finish my plate at every meal. I determined, I’m going to get huge and I am going to have to loose weight regardless, I might as well indulge. And indulge I did. Fortunately, because of genetics, I carried almost exclusively in my belly and many couldn’t tell I was pregnant from behind.

This pregnancy however, I know what it takes to lose the weight. I know how big I will get and how strong my legs must be to carry the additional weight, and then my arms to constantly carry around a little one, or in this case two little ones. Most importantly, I remember the challenges of changing my eating habits and shifting the mentality from “I can eat anything” to “Moderation and Smart Choices.”

All of which boils down to me trying to keep my diet in check and working out regularly. I still suspended my membership but I can take private pilates classes, which I do. I also found a studio two blocks from my apartment that offers small group mat classes three mornings a week. (I’ve only gone once but I intend to return, plan it in my schedule with the writing and the sitter.) With the economy in a tailspin, it’s definitely more economical than a private session. As a result, I feel great, and my arms are almost sporting definition. My legs and tush feel as strong as ever. Even my obliques make it appear that I am exclusively carrying in my belly and not even my sides. Now, I can be one of the people that let it slip how she worked out her entire pregnancy.*

*While everyone’s definition and experience of working out varies, I will be able to honestly say that I had a consistent routine until…TBA


One Response to Working out while Pregnant

  1. Myrna says:

    I worked out throughout both of my pregnancies and although I can’t say it saved me from “gaining weight” – I definitely think it helps with the hormone swings. It is hard (especially with the 2nd) to feel energized to go exercise when many times all you want to do is put your feet up and eat a pint of Ben and Jerry’s! “Course I did that too!! Good for you to exercise especially if you can make your arms look good – at least 1 part continues to look normal which is important for pregnant women I think.

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