Surging Hormones

I’ve heard that a pregnant woman’s hormones surge to 1,000 of times their normal level. I don’t know if that explains my clear skin (although one would think not, but I’m not complaining), but it hopefully accounts for my moody behavior.

I’ve been angering easily, excluded from this is me snapping at my mom after spending three days of vacation together and watching her morph into her mother about whom she often complains. When the dishwasher was not working well yesterday and my husband told me he had the same problem when I was away, I wondered why he did not call the toll free number inside the appliance to get an answer. Instead, he leaves the maintenance to me. Or rather, instead he ignores it and hopes/believes/imagines that it will magically be fixed. That he put our sharp fancy knives in the dishwasher after I’ve told him repeatedly not to, did not help.

I see crumbs in the kitchen and I am desperate to know if it was my husband or the caregiver who left them in the toaster. I freak out when I cannot find my jump drive that I know I put in a *safe place* before I went away. Perhaps because my husband is running the marathon this weekend and he needs some extra attention leaving a surplus of work for me, or because I am having this baby that I did not plan or because I don’t know how we are going to squeeze into our 1 bedroom + sleeping nook or because this baby is very active and I’ve been pregnant for over half a year, or because I leak pee every time I sneeze, or because even though my husband will babysit on a weekend night I have no friends to go out with, or because I am craving an imbibition, or perhaps realistically my mother did not receive the most stellar health report Friday from her doctor, but I’ve been very antagonistic and cranky lately. Sorry.


One Response to Surging Hormones

  1. felicity says:

    Yo Milf – give me a call if you want to go out on a weekend night. I really wanted to go out and have a drink last Saturday night.

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