Twisting my arm to volunteer

I met a great mom recently and by virtue of our small community within a big city, have become friendlier, to the point of exchanging contact information, a big step in mommy relationships. So I sent her an email recently and she asked me to volunteer at the Halloween festival in the park tomorrow.

My first thought is, do I have to?

Obviously, I should volunteer.
*I like the mom and want to get in her good graces

*I intend to go to the festival

• I partake in a lot of activities in the community and should help out

• Volunteering is not difficult, cumbersome and apart from taking an hour out of my day, is not terribly inconvenient.

But like a bratty kid, I just do not want to commit to spending time away from my husband and daughter to help other families. But the guilt, the mommy guilt, that manifests itself and is impossible to shake, is telling me to stop being a baby and just do it.

So, reluctantly, I agreed, but told them I may need a chair because of condition (six and a half months pregnant).


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