Learning to Share

I brought my daughter to an outside playgroup yesterday and once again forced myself to feel comfortable socially with my peers. My little girl was initially shy, clinging to me while the older kids (all of about 18 months, but walking and talking) ran around interacting with each other.

I brought out a toy hoping to break the ice. Basically, one kid ran off with the little truck and when my daughter tried to reclaim it, he refused. Then he dropped it 50 yards away and another kid picked it up. I didn’t mind so much as 1) I didn’t want to lose the toy and 2) I wanted my daughter to have more interactions.

#2 was solved when the kids started having snacks and she broke out of her shell to crawl over and paw at the child until whatever it was that she was eating was shared. (This is after she picked up a cigarette butt and put it in her mouth.)

I guess as a mom I have to learn to share too.


One Response to Learning to Share

  1. rmccann99 says:

    Relax, you will develop friendships in time, your daughter will come out of her shell. My son was very shy for many years, clung to me even when he was with his same age cousins. Just don’t try too hard it will come naturally, so will your friendships.
    For me it was a matter of asking questions and listening, focusing on the other person, where are they from, what do they like to do in their spare time, ask about their parents, etc. Focus on subjects that we all like to talk about and then just listen. People love to talk about themselves and always enjoy a good listener.

    You write well, I enjoy your blog. What is your novel about?

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