Back to sweating

I broke my gym barrier and took a pilates class today. It was so good I almost wonder why I waited so long to do it. Perhaps because I was gone for most of the summer and wanted to suspend my expensive gym membership for a few months. Either way the seal is broken and I am happy to be back at the gym.

My membership is still frozen but I can sneak in a workout after pilates if I have any energy left, which I thought I did but as I am fighting to keep my eyes open now, I realize that was a little ambitious.

My teacher shaved about five minutes off the beginning and end of the session which bothers me because I am paying for a full hour. When my outrageously expensive Upper West Side I-don’t-take-insurance therapist who believed in 45 minute hours would truncate our session, I’d calculate how much each minute cost and was not pleased. Now add hormones to the mix. grrr…

The pilates teacher is a friend of a friend but I should not be afraid to say something so maybe next week I will. Meanwhile, I’m tempted to do some tricep dips as I would love a little definition somewhere on my body.


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