I hate her

Can I blame the raging hormones on my recent hatred of the babysitter.

I hate that she is depleting my food. I had half a slice of the most delicious dacquoise cake in my refrigerator. In the four hours that I was gone today, the sitter felt the freedom to cut herself a piece so now I have but a bite left. Doesn’t she know not to take sweets from a pregnant lady?

I have told her multiple times not to watch television in front of my daughter and I see that she had the tv on. I do not know whether it was when my daughter was sleeping or not, but it bothers me. I’m tempted to hide the remote control from her.

Although, the other day I asked if she had seen my camera and she comfortably opened the drawer where the camera normally is and our check books and rummaged through for it. She is getting too comfortable in my home. My sister who lives in South America will offer some good tips to keep her in line.

I do not know how much of it is oversensitivity, hormones, or this woman taking too many liberties but I am not satisfied. Any thoughts on what to do?


3 Responses to I hate her

  1. nakedanarchists says:

    I would have stabbed her with a cake fork.

  2. 1hpb says:

    It definitely crossed my mind. I have to confess – on closer examination she actually did not have any cake, just ate some other goodies.

  3. nakedanarchists says:

    Still leaves the discomfort of her knowlingly riffling through personal items. Uncomfortable, I’m sure. On the other hand, she might know where things like EpiPens are or things needed to halt profuse bleeding, which is always a desireable trait in a babysitter.

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