And the Boobs Grow On

My first pregnancy I watched my boobs grow faster than any Chia pet. the small perfect C cups that I had professionally constructed (for those first time readers, they were crafted from two droopy DDs) ballooned faster than my belly. Had they kept up that pace the entire pregnancy instead of the first three months, I surely would have tipped over. Friends even commented that they knew I was pregnant based on the globes attached to my chest.

Before I knew that I was pregnant and was fighting a fatigue, I checked my breasts. They were no bigger or more sensitive than usual and so I was convinced that everything was simply related to my period.

But the pee sticks proved me wrong and more symptoms manifested. But the boobs expanded slowly. I picked up the occasional D bra, the demis never fit for long. Until, at about 18 weeks they grew faster than a baseball player’s muscles on steroids. I am back in my 36DD bras holding in my massive sensitive heavy breasts.

I hope the growth spurt is older, until the milk pours in.


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