Committed to Sex

Two couples committed to having lots of sex and writing a book about it. An older
couple agreed to do it everyday for a year and a younger couple without children
decided to do it consecutively for 100 days.

It seems like the type of gift or commitment I would have made when I was younger,
before marriage (because my husband was coming home at 12 at night), before a baby,
before responsibilities and fatigue took up a permanent residence in my life.

The couples wrote books about their experiences and commented how the sex did feel
like a chore at times but it eventually brought them closer together. I’m sure
writing about it and getting the book published helped.

These days, I wonder if I can get out of sex for 100 days. I know this contradicts
previous posts, but I am at the stage in my pregnancy where the belly is rapidly
growing and the horny hormones have not kicked in. Foreplay, flirting and all the
stuff that leads to sex is appealing, but the actual intercourse, not so much these


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