Super Moms

Last night I saw a beautiful calm mother with four kids and a bulging belly. She sat with another woman who I thought could be the mom of at least one or two of the kids. When the second lady failed to discipline or “guide” any of the children, I wondered her relationship to the crew. The set of girls and the set of boys looked close enough in age to be friends. Perhaps the pregnant mom was taking her two kids and their two friends out for dinner and ice cream.

When she left and said goodbye to me and my daughter, I asked if all four kids were hers. “Yes,” she said. Wow! I am blown away not only by her beauty, her relaxed mothering style and the fact that her petite body was harvesting another child but by her overall tranquility. What an inspiration.

A little bit later after my daughter took a tumble out of her stroller in front of a crew of mothers and their kids (I didn’t strap her in for the five yard walk) we met another attractive and stylish mom of a little girl. The very fit mother told me that her two year old was the youngest of four. She is the second mother I met out here recently that makes having four kids look easy, fun and stylish. These moms don’t look like they have spent less time being caught up in the petty mothering competition that I have seen, than say reading Lucky magazine.

As I find myself getting frustrated on this solo trip with my daughter and misbehaving pooch, I try to channel my inner super mom and smile.

One of the best pieces of mothering advice I received, from *my best college friend* who doesn’t take my calls anymore, was that it is so easy in the beginning and you do not realize it. I have to imagine now that no matter what, next summer will not be this easy with two kids. But perhaps if I can get rid of the dog, I may have a little advantage. 🙂


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