Fingers = Sexy, really?

I am not turned on by fingers and I think I made it clear that old lady hands have no place in any porn that I want to see. Poorly maintained fingers and cuticles are definitely turn offs.

I once dated a guy (okay several guys) who did not care for their nails. I remember staring at his hands with the dirt lodged under the fingernails and thinking that I was going to let those hands caress my bare body.

My husband however likes fingers. He likes me sucking mine, he likes sucking mine, he likes me sucking his after other juices are on them and I want to vomit. I acquiesce for a moment because I do not want to kill the mood entirely, but I am extremely turned off.

There are a few sexual activities that I can tolerate for the moment and then there are the fetishes that do not appeal me. I guess one man’s excitement is another woman’s repulsion. So I must be lucky if this is one of our big sexual incompatibilities and it does not pop up too often (kind of like sex).


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