I’m Back

and bigger than ever. I was off for at least two weeks. Most of the time was spent at a writers conference in my hometown. It was great experience that still has not cured me of my cliche use. It was so liberating having an identity independent of my daughter, husband, parent or sibling. I was there as a writer and nothing else. What a level playing ground.

The major interruptions were by my immediate family who chose to descend into the area with their extended families at the least convenient time all summer.

Anyone who insists on coming during this time is, as you guessed, wrapped up in himself and therefore not entirely cooperative. I know I was depending on lots of people to help me out with the baby and what not, but it was my time and I do everything I can for their time.

I know, not very milfy.

I did manage to go into a bathing suit, reluctantly. I’m definitely starting to pop slightly. Told a few more people, bought some looser shirts, and am warming up to the idea. No other major symptoms besides clumsiness and dizziness.

I’ll think of more later. Maybe something with a porn or a vibrator or sexy shoes.


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