Bad Dog

I love my dog. He’s a two year old rescue puggle with the cutest smushed in face, the softest fur and a cuddly personality. He’s gentle with my daughter, even though he sometimes knocks her down trying to get my attention.

I laugh when my daughter pulls the dog bone out of his mouth and then the dog gently takes it back. This goes on for about 15 minutes which in dog years is like 7 hours.

My daughter drops food from the high chair for him and he happily hoovers up any mess down to her regurgations. What a dog. My Pookers loves him.

But he is also highly disobedient, jumping up to eat the food off of her highchair, snatching food from her hand (even though she sometimes teases him), escaping at every opportunity, ignoring all commands, and eating anyone’s food at every opportunity.

With a new pookie on the way I do not need or want this level of aggravation.
Vainly, I am flattered when people are impressed that I can handle both a baby and an energetic pooch. The dog garners a decent amount of attention; he even stopped Hillary Swank in her tracks on a jog. She stopped so her dog could sniff some ass.

I know my husband loves the dog, and I do to, I just don’t think that I want him at this stage in my life. I feel badly, but the dog is a dog and will find a loving home. I just wish I knew someone nearby so we could visit or even share custody.


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