Dressing the Part

Fortunately loose baggy dresses and shirts are still in style, as they were last summer, so I can hide my slowly bulging belly from the public.

Yesterday was my 12 week check-up and I am out of the first trimester danger zone which is generally the time people start announcing their pregnancy. I think my parents and in-laws are more excited to spread the word than I am. I’m still regretting spreading my legs.

I did get emotional seeing that little blob wave to me on the ultrasound then do a backflip that would impress any Olympic gymnast.

Not much more to say. if any of my loyal readers, yes YOU, have any special requests for posts or random questions or whatever, please comment. Please. I’ll do my best.


3 Responses to Dressing the Part

  1. Girly says:

    This is a great time to be pregnant with all the cute styles nowadays… I wish maternity clothes would have been as cute when I was preggers… I always felt like I was wearing a tent!!

    Aww.. I remember my first ultrasound with both of my boys…

    Glad everything is going well with the pregnancy…

  2. O. says:

    I have to agree with Girly, maternity clothes are really cute now. And an added bonus, it is actually trendy to let your stomach show these days. It’s not a muffin top or a spare tire for goodness sake, you’re pregnant. Let it show. You will be amazed at how awesome people will treat you when they see your little bump. Think of it as a gift. Pregnancy is the one time in your life that you don’t have to obsess over your body. Just be sure not to over do it on the pregnancy eating and you will be back to normal in no time once the little one arrives.

  3. 1hpb says:

    Thank you for your support. I feel like I *just* did this. But, yes fashion and fad wise, it is a great time to be pregnant.

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