My husband through a little surprise party for me on Saturday. I was getting a little suspicious by that morning, but some of the guests who arrived truly surprised me.

Looking at pictures of the party, I see a small pooch where my flat abs once resided. They may still be flat, but now they hide behind a small belly where my baby grows.

We are playing a little game with one of the members of the share house: trying not to tell him I’m pregnant until the end of the summer. He did notice that I was drinking Non alcoholic beer but I don’t think that gave it away. I turned around my pre-natal vitamins lest they give away the secret.

The party was fun but there was a part of me that was jealous watching everyone drink beer and later smoke I know in the scope of my life, this is a short temporary hiatus from indulgences, but I still miss them.

My husband agreed to abstain for nine days, after he told me that nine months was not that long. He has yet to start his nine days but claims he will. Whatever.

I’m kind of bummed that those cute fitted t-shirts I recently bought expose my growing stomach.

I know I’m blessed and lucky on so many fronts, but I’m not excited about being pregnant (despite the ice cream benefit). I’m starting to get excited about having another baby though. I just have to figure out how to squeeze the new one into the apartment.


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