I’m tempted to join the Facebook phenomenon, finally. I’ve been on myspace for a few years and have not really had anyone out of the blue contact me. My old roommate found me on friendster years ago then never wrote back to an email I sent after approving her friend request. What was the point of her contacting me after all this time?

I had sent an email to a friend on myspace after not talking for some time. He never wrote back and I felt so dejected. How hard is to send a simple note?

One of the reasons I am reluctant to join is I do not want to be rejected. I know people let others seek them out. I will open myself to that possibility.


2 Responses to Reconnecting

  1. Girly says:

    A word to the wise… from someone who has been there…done that… be very careful. 🙂

  2. 1hpb says:

    I’m sure. Any experiences you wish to share?

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