Former Crushes

It’s fair to say that I am satisfied in my relationship, but only somewhat satiated which may explain why I find myself attracted to other people.

The other day I met an accomplished playwright and mother and was immediately jealous of her success. I can’t help it. There’s a part of me that hopes if we become friends, some of her writing tricks or connections would rub off on me translating to more success in my professional life.

My sister reunited with her high school boyfriend yesterday. Their kids had a playdate. She was still giddy with excitement being with him but was still able to tell him that he broker her heart. While he was still attractive after a decade plus, I could not stand listening to him talk non stop about himself and money. He was so self-satisfied. My sister sat there mesmerized while he continued on his monologue, barely pausing to let anyone get a word in edgewise.

I convinced her to invite him out with us for a drink that night. After my sister’s three cocktails and more of this loser’s self absorbed speeches, she had enough. She even admitted that she wanted to brag about her successes and accomplishments. I told her he was like a pack of cigarettes. The first one or two feel good, but if you smoke the entire pack at once you’ll be sick.

Fortunately, she got him out of her system for another decade. Or so I hope.
* I had convinced her to change my daughter’s diaper with the caveat that if she did not, I would not tolerate any more talk about this loser, her first love. She changed that diaper at warp speed.

Her pining over her guy, made me think of one that sort of got away. My high school crush really does not hold that significant of a place in my heart. Sorry A. He adored me and was a good friend and confidant but I don’t think I was ever so smitten with him. However, there is one guy on the other coast that I think about. His dad lives in NY and I know he visits him and his summer house which is a few miles away from my mom’s house. I’m sure I’ve blogged about him before, so I will check and see what I wrote before I bore you with details. But I’m tempted to write a simple email: Ever wonder when we will run into each other again?

Because I keep thinking about it! (I’d leave that sentence out.) What do you think?


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