A Little Rough

I asked my pilates instructor how many times her clients comment that the Cadillac machine looks like some sort of S&M contraption. I have never used an S&M machine, but I imagine that one would resemble this machine with leg straps, a bar, an elevated table and some extra leather straps.

How romantic is it to contort oneself into such a contraption before sex?

The idea of handcuffs is stimulating, or should I say titillating, but having my partner or myself cooperate kind of takes away from the whole struggle/ turn on aspect. Even if one of us puts up a little fight for *show* makes a difference.

One of the toys my friend who sold sex toys gave me was a whip with a feather on one end.

I guess it’s all about the tease and a little spanking. The mind can be very creative in anticipating what lays ahead sexually.


2 Responses to A Little Rough

  1. Girly says:

    I like the thought of being handcuffed…being helpless… your partner taking total control…

  2. 1hpb says:

    It’s sexy. I think guys also really enjoy being dominated as well. So we have to take turns in our bedroom.

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