My Very Own Dilf

I thoroughly enjoyed my first father’s day with my husband as a dad. On Saturday, I bought my daughter a turquoise polo dress (among other things…Ralph Lauren was having a sale) and on Sunday I gave my husband a shirt in the same color. It was so cute and they both seemed thrilled.

At the end of the night, my husband says he wants to start a father’s day tradition of wearing matching shirts.

I also gave him a mousepad from Ofoto with a picture of him and my daughter. When we went home on Monday, he had an ofoto album waiting for him. I made the picture album with photos of him and our girl and funny captions. He was crying because he was so touched and loves our angel so much.

And a dad that loves his little girl so much, well that is the ultimate Dilf.


2 Responses to My Very Own Dilf

  1. Girly says:

    There is something so very sexy about a man who loves his children…

  2. angloam says:

    That is a very heartwarming story. And yes, a man who loves children is head and shoulders above a man who doesn’t.

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