Taming my Hairy beast

I put on a my itty bitty string bikini today, not as itty bitty as the ones my sister buys in south america, but teensy weensy enough that i have to shave not just the sides my privates, but the top of the triangle as well.

Because I did not have time to get waxed before the weekend, or really the desire (does anybody like getting waxed down there?) I tried Sally Hansen’s in shower depilatory spray. The next day my husband almost mistook the aerosol can for sunscreen. It worked well and did not smell terribly fowl. Only now, a mere ten hours later, it feels like the hairs are returning already. Although the waxing never lasts that long.

When I was younger I used to experiment with all kinds of at home hair removals. One thing I used on one patch of my leg seemed to have worked as I have not grown hair there in the last 18 years. I wish I could remember what it was so I could subject the rest of my legs to the same treatment.


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