Blood Sex and Tears

My husband would suddenly become horny when he knew someone is the other room. Our old loft style apartment did not have any doors and above our headboard was a big open space where we could look down into the living room and kitchen. Whenever we had a guest stay on our couch we would quietly make love, whispering to the other to be quiet.

Now that we moved and have actual doors in our home, the chances of *being heard* are much slimmer, although he was still excited to do it when his mom was watching our girl upstairs. With an infant, instead of us worrying about being heard, we worry about her crying.

One of the first post partum romps was done to the soundtrack of my girl’s musical mobile. Sexy. Now we do it through her crying to fall asleep, crying because she woke up, crying because she is crying. Depending on my own level of horniness, I want to rush the deed to cater to her or I want to scream louder in excitement.

I write this now as she fights falling asleep for her morning nap. Always a struggle.


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