What is the what about being pregnant

There are some wonderful things about being pregnant and then there are plenty of unpleasant uncomfortable things.

Once you are showing, you can cut bathroom lines, be guaranteed a seat on the subway or bus,
You can pretty much eat whatever you want whenever you want.
People help you, whether it is opening a door or lifting a package.
You can usually land an awesome parking spot at an event.
No period.

When you are bigger, you cannot see your toes.
It takes about five well plotted moves before you can roll over in bed.
The first trimester you have an exhaustion akin to that after running a marathon.
Morning sickness throughout the day.
You are indecisive (or is that a good thing).
Peeing every 10 minutes.
Charlie horses in the calf that are so strong they can wake you up at night.
No Sushi.
No liquor. No wine. No beer.
No reefer.
No standing in front of the microwave.

Leaking a little pee every time you sneeze.
Your feet swell up and the only comfortable shoe is a sneaker.
After the baby arrives, you still look pregnant with a swollen uterus.

The best part is at the end you have a little bundle of joy.

I’m sure that I am forgetting plenty of things, but perhaps you can comment and remind me.


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