Sowing My Wild Oats

I had a once a year guy, sort of. We met on a plane from India to Amsterdam and discovered we had a decent amount in common. I spent my three hour layover going into the city with him before he left for his business meeting.

The following year on my way to India we decided to meet again in Amsterdam for 27 hours. He was living in Switzerland at the time. Most of the day is what you would expect from a 27 hour relationship that was building up for a year. Not exactly Before Sunrise with Ethan Hawke but still fun.

When I returned to India the following year we made arrangements to meet up again, this time staying at his friends apartment instead of a hotel. I was a little concerned as I had just met my now husband and father of my daughter. He was dating someone too so there was no awkwardness when we decided to sleep in separate bedrooms.

We met again in New York while I was still with my boyfriend and he brought along a lady friend. I unsuccessfully tried to gauge how long the two were an item.

Our friendship faded somewhat quickly once I told him I was engaged. No big surprise.

He recently added me as a friend or should I say contact on LinkedIn and I am tempted to reach out to him and naturally it brought up memories of our relationship. Another one in the category of “that’ll never happen again.”

There is the story of another guy I met on the way back from India. I had a layover in Germany and then in JFK before heading back to LA. We met waiting for the plane in Germany. He asked the person sitting next to me to swap seats with him. It was a long flight and I was bored so use your imagination. He waited with me in JFK before my flight instead of heading straight home. And a few weeks later he came out to see me. He was older and I think he was uncomfortable in LA and found an excuse to leave the next morning. Never heard from him again afterwards. Oh well. Maybe he was turned off when I told him not to expect any sort of future with me. I was 23 at the time and asked him to remember where his head was at 23.

Once again, will never happen again.


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