Sexy Playing Cards

When my friend offered me some of her sample products from SWAK, the direct marketing sex company, I swiped a whip with a feather on one end, a pair of restraints and a deck of cards. Each card depicted a new position with a creative name, and a few cards offered Lady’s Choice or Man’s Choice.

I opted against taking the handcuffs lest I get stopped at airport security like my sister did on the way back from her honeymoon. I had given her handcuffs and the Italians stopped them. Finally my brother in law tossed them in the garbage so they could board the plane. (Pre 9/11)

I made it through security without a hitch. Instead of just showing my husband the new goodies, I decided to surprise him little by little. I started off by taking a few cards and slipping them in every pant and suit pocket. It was not until I found a few cards in the key drawer that I asked him about it. You would think that he would have commented TO ME about the cards, not vice versa.

Can’t blame me for trying.


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