Worst First Date

I’ve had a few bad ones, but none really compare to the time I went out with this older man who brought along his daughter.

When we sat down at the bar next to a Lenny Kravitz look alike, he asked me to ask him to move down a seat because he smelled.

He was going to have his daughter sit to one side and me to the other, I told him to have his daughter sit in the middle. I did not want her to feel excluded.

He took out a wad of cash and counted it in front of me. He kept talking about money and acting and power. I asked him if he grew up with money because he seemed so insecure about it.

He called his ex-wife, a stripper, and offered her money to come back to LA and be with him. (Lenny Kravitz guy told me this.)

His daughter spilled his drink on me which somehow I think was coordinated.

He tried to pick up two girls on the way out of the bar.

Very surreal. I woke up the next morning in pure disbelief.

Blind dates – I can put that in the category of won’t ever happen again.


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