Sexy Underwear

Every woman has sexy and comfy underwear and they are rarely the same. I’ve heard of some women who wear briefs on dates as a sort of chastity belt. She won’t hook up with the guy with when she is not at her peak.

When I travel I pack a mix of comfortable and flattering underwear, especially if it is a long trip and I want to ensure that I have enough to cover at least every day plus.

After college I worked for a start up company out of the boss’s house. One of the perks of being so underpaid was that I was able to do my laundry at his house.

On a side note, I had an insatiable crush on my boss. For this reason, his live in girlfriend was never that warm to me. When I would do my laundry I made sure to double check that I not leave anything behind. Naturally, the next day she would find my ratty unflattering *one more day and I would be naked* underwear.

In retrospect, I wonder if she thought I was intentionally leaving behind my red satin disintegrating skivies. I hope she knew that I had more class than that. I would not intentionally leave something behind and if I did it would be a lot smaller than that pair.


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