Pregnant Milf

June 30, 2008

I say with humility that I carried my daughter well. From behind you could not tell that I was pregnant. From the front, it looked like I was having twins. Strangers were convinced from an old wives tale that i was definitively having a boy. I had a girl.

I hope with this pregnancy, I carry as well, glow as much and get hit on more. I flirted with a guy at the grocery store yesterday partly because I wanted to know if I could still pull it off. Yes, although he has to work on his game a little better.

I look in the mirror now and see extra skin on my stomach and a small pooch where there was once a huge pooch and then no pooch whatsoever. It will only get bigger. I don’t like how I look in a bathing suit because I am in that middle stage where I do not look pregnant but I do not look fit.

In the end of the day I guess it does not make a difference. I’m turning 30 in four days, knocked up with my second child, desperate to get rid of my dog, married to a great guy who s desperate to keep the dog.

New Moves in the Bedroom

June 29, 2008

Whenever my husband surprise seduces me, I am a little startled, mostly because I am not expecting it. Now that I am pregnant, my sex drive has gone into low gear, aka idling. While I expect it to surge through the roof in a few months, I am struggle to believe that now.

Sometimes Hubby breaks out a new move or does an old move more fervently. There’s a tiny insecure voice that wonders if this newfound passion is coming from a guilty place.

i have the utmost confidence in my husband and his fidelity. I just do. But it wavers ever so slightly when he behaves ever so slightly out of character which is often a turn -on, if I can just silence that itty bitty doubter.

Pregnant Milf – oxymoron?

June 26, 2008

My husband caught me at a weak moment and I relieved him of our normal birth control method, coitus interuptus. At that weak moment I let him release inside because I was not terribly opposed at that instant to creating another baby as wonderful as ours.

His boys can swim.

And now, just as I am getting my stride and body back as a mom, I am knocked up.

Hubby is thrilled. I’m still warming up to the idea.

I feel so foolish and naive. Because I was *just* pregnant last summer, I am not thrilled to have my body overtaken my another life. The exhaustion and the uncomfortableness in the heat and the sobriety was not in my plans for an ideal summer. And to boot, my boobs have not even grown they way they had the last pregnancy.

There is an expression I have told other people that applies to my situation, Man plans and G-d Laughs.

I’m just struggling with the idea that i am His punchline. And yes, at this moment I am referring to G-d as a He because a woman would not find this amusing.

Embarrassing Vibrator Story #3

June 22, 2008

By the time I wrapped up my post-collegiate back-packing tour in Southeast Asia, I was horny. I had hooked up with two guys who share the same name as my husband, one in Thailand, the other a week later in Bali.

The day before I was set to return, I was camped out in a small youth hostel in Hong Kong. I was tired of traveling and sleeping on uncomfortable beds and found myself in an expensive city where I could not stand out any more. Unlike the other countries I had visited on this tour, I was not staying nor stumbling upon any contemporary travelers.

Roaming the streets, I meandered into some sort of outdoor market with vendors hacking all sorts of knick knacks and crap. Then I saw a little mini battery operated vibrator that could satisfy me for the night and fit into my small back-pack. I was bored and had nowhere to rush off to so I asked the vendor who spoke practically no English what the little gadget was for.

He tried to explain that it was a head massager and I got him to demonstrate on scalp. I don’t know if he thought I was some dumb tourist or if he really intended for buyers to use it as a head massager or what. But I kept a straight face, until I satisfied myself that night.

A Little Rough

June 18, 2008

I asked my pilates instructor how many times her clients comment that the Cadillac machine looks like some sort of S&M contraption. I have never used an S&M machine, but I imagine that one would resemble this machine with leg straps, a bar, an elevated table and some extra leather straps.

How romantic is it to contort oneself into such a contraption before sex?

The idea of handcuffs is stimulating, or should I say titillating, but having my partner or myself cooperate kind of takes away from the whole struggle/ turn on aspect. Even if one of us puts up a little fight for *show* makes a difference.

One of the toys my friend who sold sex toys gave me was a whip with a feather on one end.

I guess it’s all about the tease and a little spanking. The mind can be very creative in anticipating what lays ahead sexually.

My Very Own Dilf

June 17, 2008

I thoroughly enjoyed my first father’s day with my husband as a dad. On Saturday, I bought my daughter a turquoise polo dress (among other things…Ralph Lauren was having a sale) and on Sunday I gave my husband a shirt in the same color. It was so cute and they both seemed thrilled.

At the end of the night, my husband says he wants to start a father’s day tradition of wearing matching shirts.

I also gave him a mousepad from Ofoto with a picture of him and my daughter. When we went home on Monday, he had an ofoto album waiting for him. I made the picture album with photos of him and our girl and funny captions. He was crying because he was so touched and loves our angel so much.

And a dad that loves his little girl so much, well that is the ultimate Dilf.

Embarrassing Vibrator Story #2

June 16, 2008

Home from college one summer, i was not about to abandon a rather satisfying habit. I was also reluctant to adopt a new habit of keeping clean and organized. So put the two together, and you can imagine my vibrator lying plugged in on the floor next to my bed.

My mother’s friend comes over and she asks me to give him a tour of the house, which I do. It’s not until he walks into my room and comments about the appliance do I remember that maybe I should be just a little tidier at home.

To this day, he still teases me about that.