The One that Got Away

It is fair to say that there was a guy who “got away.” We had an intense emotional connection, or so I would like to think, and he had a girlfriend and I said that I did not want to be party to him cheating. He chose her. When I told him I met my now husband he gave a speech about what a wimp he was for not fighting for me and how he walked away from his chances. There was nothing more for me to say.

I guess that is one of the things about writers, they can be pretty articulate in their thoughts.

I know he married his girlfriend, more out of obligation than love. Kind of complicated, but I understand the story. I wonder if he thinks about me the way I think of him. Not that I want him, but I want the attention that he bestowed upon me. I want him to still admire me the way he did and the way I admire him (and his writing, or should I say writing career).

More on this later as I am embarrassed to admit that I think of this often.


One Response to The One that Got Away

  1. squarebrackets says:

    Just found your blog because it had a similar tag.
    You shouldn’t be embarrassed about thinking
    about it often. It seems to be a big part of your
    past. Thats just what I think anyways.

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