I love my husband and would never cheat on him. It is not worth it to jeopardize what we have. That does not replace me wishing some things were different in the relationship.

I try to go back to the passion that we had when we first met and did the long distance thing. In one weekend we would cram a week’s worth of activities including sex…well maybe a month’s worth then! The time apart was filled by us sending the sweetest love notes to each other. It was so intimate and me giddy with excitement. This was before I comprehended that he would work 12 hour days, come home and get into more arguments on the phone and blackberry while pretending to listen to my day.

I recently reread some emails and told Hubby about it. I think he was expecting to have some sort of angle – remind him of an unfulfilled promise or similar. I just wanted to tell him how smitten I still am and how touched I was by his sweet words.

I am lucky. (stop gagging, please)


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