Stacey’s Mom

If I have another daughter, I’d like to call her Stacey so I can feel sexy every time I hear the song, Stacey’s Mom. This would probably humiliate my daughter and her friends are more likely to consider me a relic for naming my child after some song that occasionally finds its way on the oldies station.

I just want to feel hot and sexy.


One Response to Stacey’s Mom

  1. GD says:

    I’m as sure as I can be without actually seeing a pic of you that you’re still hot and sexy. If you’re looking for people to flirt with, I suggest you get a Yahoo mail address and then join some of their adult clubs… any woman in any of those clubs gets all the male (and some female) attention anyone could possibly desire. (Post a cute pic to your Yahoo profile and you will be overwhelmed, trust me.)

    If you had an email address posted I’d be happy to provide more details, but, as I say, I’m sure you’re still hot and sexy. šŸ˜‰

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