Skipping Town

I am spending my first official mother’s day as a mom on the other side of the country without my daughter.

Note to loyal readers (all two of you): I MAY take a break from posting during my short trip.

I moved to LA after college because I wanted to. I bought a one way ticket and a car from the only dealership that agreed to pick me up at the airport. I was so young, naive, optimistic, and determined that I was going to make a career for myself. It never panned out the way I wanted.

I think back to my life there and wish that one of my friends did a better job of taking me under her wing and grooming me. Having just graduated from a women’s college then backpacking through southeast Asia I did not know things about wearing make-up regularly, ironing my clothes, sporting to sexy shoes to compensate for a less than stellar outfit. I wonder just how different things would have been had I been *sexier*. Who knows.

This will be my first nights without my daughter. It will also be different because one of the friends I am staying with is single and getting ready to move out of the country. Two friends I am seeing are recently engaged so I will help them with wedding planning stuff. I remember thinking about my wedding as such an important significant time. And it was, in a lot of ways. In other ways, it was just a big party celebrating my love for my husband.

BLAH. No sex in this post, so I probably won’t generate a lot of hits, but I don’t want to write about how my husband turned down my invitation to join me in the shower last night and help me shave any part of my body. I did warn him that I am at least ten years away from my sexual peak so he should be prepared.


2 Responses to Skipping Town

  1. 35% Off..... says:

    lol @ that sexual peak comment u are funny

  2. Shelia says:

    Saw your link on 35%Off’s blog, so decided to stop by. Be sure to visit my spot when you get a chance. Have fun being “child-free.”

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