One of the most satisfying sexual relationships I ever had was with someone with whom I had very little in common. He was a high school drop out who revealed over time his lack of education and maturity, his racist and prejudice upbringing and blatant immaturity. Despite all of these shortcomings, what would have been deal-breakers for so many other men, we had an amazing physical relationship.

We could fight and yell and insult each other and five minutes later be under the covers, on top of the covers, twisted in the covers. No matter what, we managed to do it practically every time we saw each other.

I decided to take this relentless approach and apply it to my own less than fulfilling situation. The result has been satisfying.

Last night my husband blatantly said NO. He was stressed about work. I crouched down at his waist and told him he could turn the television on if he wanted. I knew his mind was preoccupied, but if I could distract him for a few minutes and he just had to enjoy it, why not? Afterwards, he agreed.

Time will tell how this new approach will pan out. Who knows, I might even become satiated.


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