All talk and no game

Someone asked in my “cougar” comment section if my husband and I would ever agree to have one night with someone else without consequences.

No. No. No.

Before I was engaged I kissed someone. Not proud of it, but I enjoyed how smitten he was with me. All I kept thinking about was my then boyfriend, not even fiance or husband at the time. I just did not want to hurt him.

Maybe I am coming across as a prude.

I did my wild child stuff. I went to a women’s college and you can use your imagination. I experimented. I had a blast. But I did it. Now I feel the responsibility of being responsible and prudent. It’s not just me anymore, but my family. Not the family in the sense of the crazy drama I endured growing up, but family in the stick together, provide for one another kind of way. I’m lucky and no one night fling is ever worth jeopardizing that.

But I can still flirt! And I can use my imagination.
I may go close to crossing the line. I can dance at the edge of the line, I just will not risk crossing it.

All talk and no game.


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