Random strays

I found my first gray hair on my 21st birthday during my post collegiate backpacking tour. I was in Kuta, Bali when my friend commented on it. I thought she was referring to a remnant of the bleach blonde hair that I was outgrowing. Instead she plucked a short stubborn white hair from my scalp.

I can’t remember my second or third gray hairs but once they were I identified, I quickly removed them.

Now the grays pop up here and there and when I cannot get my husband to pluck them, I spend too much time in the mirror trying to grasp this needle in a haystack (albeit small haystack) and eliminate it. When I was losing chunks of hair post partum I never ever saw a white hair in the pile. đŸ˜¦

I remember plucking my stepmom’s gray hair and her telling me that for every gray plucked, two new ones grow back. My sister recently repeated this myth to me, but I don’t believe it. Why wouldn’t every balding man pluck his white hair so he could soon have twice the amount?

I know this may not be the Milf-y type thing one is looking for on a blog, but hey, when I walk out and look like I just through my outfit on, which I most likely did (a pair of Marc Jacobs boots can do wonders), it tkaes some primping and priming and does not happen by accident.


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