My 30th birthday is around the corner. Perhaps this milestone, along with having a baby and being physically overlooked by husband has inspired me to write this website. And pick the Milf Alert title.

I’ve done a good job of blocking out that when my mother was 30 she had me, her third child then divorced my father shortly after. Before the divorce was final she hooked up with a younger man. Much younger. So young, I should just refer to him as an older teen, because he was a teenager. Without a driver’s license. I now get the appeal. Although I do not agree with the relationship.

Some young guy with an insatiable sexual desire, fun, energetic and never made her feel old except when she had to sign at the car rental place on vacations.

Last year I saw a high school track team training in Central Park. A bunch of tall skinny awkward guys running in short shorts. They have no idea how appealing they are. A young guy would *worship* an older woman, thus making me or any older woman feel like hot sh*t. He would be humble and easy to train with good dating manners. Guys that I would never have found attractive in high school and would not want to know as a college student are suddenly adorable and dare I say desirable.


3 Responses to Cougars…grrr

  1. Anonymous says:

    So you probably realize that your husband feels exactly the same way. He sees younger girls walking down the street, or maybe works with them, and would love a night that had no negative consequences.

    so if you both want it, would you ever allow it for the sake of the marriage?

  2. 1hpb says:

    NO WAY. If my husband has unfulfilled sexual desires I want to fill them. Maybe if we were more active I would not list after other men. Plus if my hubby has any free time he should be home with the family. That boy works Wall St hours. Besides and probably the most realistic is I am not mature enough to separate my emotions from sex.

    If he was really adventurous he could try to convince me to incorporate someone into our experience, with ground rules of course. But my Hubby is way too conservative so it is really a non-issue.

  3. 1hpb says:

    DISCLAIMER: The above fervent deny was not related in any way to the fact that my mother-in-law is reading this site.

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