I’m Telling

I’ve told a few people about the blog, including my husband and my dad. My husband did not even ask the name of the blog which tells me either he stumbled across it on my computer or he just does not care that much. I guess either is fine. He did not make a big deal about it and did not even ask any questions, even after I told him that I refer to him as Husband. At least I do not have to explain to him why I am anonymously broadcasting to the world how he turns down my advances.*

* However, based on his initiative we did recently have two satisfying romps in the bed.

My dad asked for the address then forgot, which is just as well. My school friend and president of my fan club also asked but I told her I was intentionally keeping the site mum because of the freedom of being anonymous. I would not mind if she stumbled upon the site, but for the moment, the anonymity is liberating. I actually suggested she start a blog to cope with an emotional falling out with a friend but I don’t think she did.

I told my writer’s group about the blog and my friend’s 60 + year old mom asked me what a MILF was. This was just the thing I was trying to avoid. Fortunately, my friend tactfully told her mom what the acronym represented.


One Response to I’m Telling

  1. Shelia says:

    Sometimes its best to keep mum about your blog. If it wasn’t for my career, I would have a private blog, but it’s too much work to have a private blog and public blog so I do my best to “not say” something I don’t want repeated in my public blog for readers/fans etc. But by all means definately keep it anonymous from people you work with because I’ve heard stories where people have lost their jobs. Your husband may seem find with it but if you ever reveal something he doesn’t think you should, he’ll be upset.

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