Baby Steps

One of the best pieces of parenting advice I received was from my former BFF. She told me it is so easy in the beginning and you don’t realize it.

With that I was so determined to realize how relatively easy it is, so when things and Pookers evolved, it just became less easy. I did/ do not take anything for granted.

I thought i would be super competitive and want my daughter to be the first to crawl, to get a tooth, to advance. Instead I am relieved that she remains at an *easier* state.

I was a big fan of the swaddling and wrapped up my little baby until she was six months old. If you are a parent of a newborn and you do not know what I am referencing, look up Dr. Karp immediately. Swaddling is a life saver!

Many moms lamented how their child did not like the swaddle or broke out of it by two or three months. I just thought they needed to swaddle tighter. They were throwing away a fantastic miracle worker that I was reluctant to release.

I’m thrilled that I have not had to babyproof yet. I am in no rush and am delighted to let her develop at her own pace.


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