A Dilf

I bring my daughter this evening to our local park which was about three baby swings and two bigger kid swings. The baby swings are full, including one two year old being pushed by her dad. I hear him tell his daughter to switch to the bigger swing to share. He encourages his daughter to come over and tell me that we can use the other swing.

Of course in the few moments it takes her to tell me this, the swing is swept up by a mom already pushing one baby on the swing. The kids could have easily shared the baby swing as my baby did with her 4 year old and later with her 15 month old cousins. Even the Dilf noted that, to me though.

I then overheard him lamenting to another dad about the morning hassle of dressing his daughter and getting her ready for school. I wanted to suggest that she picks out her clothes the night before, but I was too shy to say something. I kept glancing at his hands to see if he was wearing a wedding band but he kept them buried in his pocket. I’ve been known to employ this little tactic of hiding my left hand too, so I cannot fault him.

It was not so much that he was a hot dad, but he seemed like a great dad. I was very attracted to his laid back yet attentive attitude to his daughter.

I have always had a soft spot for dads, especially single dads. I once met a single father of a two month old baby. My mom said either he was such an asshole to leave his girlfriend/new mom less than two months after she gave birth to his child or he was such an asshole that a new mom did not want him around. I told him to stop dating and start focusing on his kid. I guess I don’t miss being single THAT much.


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