Not so good naked

Because I am a bit of a junkie when it comes to my website statistics, I searched to see what were popular searches that led someone to my site.

One was “I saw my mom in a G-string” unless your mom is Heidi Klum, I’m sorry. I was in Brazil and saw lots of unnecessary G strings. If I were the daughter of some of those women, I would remind my mom to use more discretion.

But the question is, when does it become inappropriate. My mom would occasionally prounce around the house in the buff, but really only before a shower when she was distracted. Nonetheless, my brother was uncomfortable. As for my dad in the buff. No thank you. Do not even want to imagine that, or even imagine myself imagining that.

I had a friend in college who told me how her father in the evening would walk around the house in the buff. Whenever the kids had a sleepover, they had to explain to their guests about their dad’s unapologetic evening indulgence. I asked her what she did when she saw her dad on his evening trek to get a glass of water. She shrugged. This was her norm.

Eleven years later she married a divorced 40 plus year old with a daughter. So maybe that experience slipped into her sub conscious after all.


2 Responses to Not so good naked

  1. bob says:

    so do you run around naked is the obvious question?

  2. 1hpb says:

    When I do run around naked it is generally for good reason.

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