It seems all of these desperate housemoms are so eager to emulate the next person.

One week, a mom showed up at music class looking quite tan. Turns out she paid $60 to have someone airbrush orange paint on her body to create the tan look. She gave everyone in the class all of the details and the next week, there were several orange mommies.

Another mom bragged about how accurate her “tea-leaf reader” is. I am skeptical of all of charlatans who think they can predict the future. They give vague information (you have a big trip coming up, you recently had to make a difficult decision) and read off the person’s expressions for confirmation and then continue making up bs. If it works for you… So this one mom sends out an email inviting other gullible moms over for a tea leaf reading party and blah blah.

I want to participate in socializing with these women but such nonsense makes me lose respect for them and their sensibilities and I don’t want to be a lemming. Lemmings are rodents, after all.


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