A little dress

We received two fancy shmancy dresses for my baby that just fit her now. I’m afraid she is going to outgrow them in a blink, which she probably will.

I want her to wear them every day because she looks so precious in them. I put one on today for a brunch with my parents and everyone adored it. What am I saving it for? Let her stain that expensive little dress now.

I was tempted to return it to the department store and get a pair of boots that would fit me until the next child caused my feet to swell two full sizes, but my husband said no. Besides the department store is out of the way.

She looks just so damn precious in the dresses. I am such a mom, madly in love with my angel and mesmerized by every little thing she does.


2 Responses to A little dress

  1. bob says:

    who are you? so interesting…….dont stop

  2. Bob says:

    see, a true MILF would have somehow peverted your beautiful post into YOU wearing a fancy schmancy dress…..and how MILFY YOU looked in it


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