Trying to turn my husband on

I have tried to turn my husband on the following ways in the past week.

1. Sent a dirty text message while he was upstairs and I was outside.
2. Hid a g-string in his suit pocket.
3. Sent a dirty email while we were in different rooms and he was blackberrying away.
4. Seductively took off my clothes in front of the mirror while he was in bed.
5. Asked him about the porn-on-demand he has been watching, suggest watching one together.

I’m sure there was more, but once you get shot down on a regular basis by having every advance ignored, you stop keeping a tally.

Because we are so comfortable with each other, I feel confident talking dirty and trying to turn him on. And as comfortable as I am doing that, he is comfortable ignoring me. Lovely set up.

My sister cannot stand how horny her husband is.

It’s not that I even want the physical act of sex, it’s the foreplay and the anticipation and the flirting dance that I find so provocative and enticing.


3 Responses to Trying to turn my husband on

  1. redhead91 says:

    I feel your pain. Believe me its the attention and the direct eye contact i have missed and makes me wonder why is he ignoring me? I’m not unattractive and definetly have not lost ‘it’ factor. Others have flirted with me heavily and sometimes that is hard to ignore. sometimes i wish my husband was horny all the time.

  2. 1hpb says:

    So sorry to hear that. Wish I could say something great or profound, but the best I can come up with is: I hope you have a good vibrator. I’ve been known to leave mine out *accidentally.*

  3. bbart76 says:

    When my wife makes the slightest hint that she wants it, I’m all over that! But that happens on a very rare occasion. I wish that she would want it and that she was more sexual. Maybe if I ignored her she might get horny and want it?

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